Fiona Ryan


qualified counsellor and therapist

in Wollaton, West Bridgford and Beeston, Nottingham

Here to really listen, understand and help


Empathic counselling

My therapy is person-centred, that is to say you’re in the driving seat, deciding what you want to talk about. At the same time I will give you my full attention and really listen to what you choose to share. Then I can understand what it means for you while being totally accepting of you and your truth. In turn you will feel able to bring your whole self to our sessions, knowing I won’t judge you.

It sounds so simple…

but in our usual friendships and relationships it’s rare to feel heard so profoundly. It’s even more unusual to experience empathy this deep. Having me listening and empathising with you can lead to you feeling empowered, seeing yourself and your difficulties differently. In time this new clarity of vision could help you discover new ways to move forward towards what you want. Whether that’s increased feelings of self-worth or improved relationships, for example. Leaving distressing memories in the past, or believing you didn’t deserve the harmful experiences you had. Freeing yourself from feelings such as fear, shame or feeling like you’re not ‘enough’ as you are.

fern in the sunshine
Sage Therapy Centre Counselling room


To check out whether I could be the counsellor for you, ask for an appointment or a call.

The fee is £45 for in-person sessions and £30 for phone or online sessions.

Appointments last 50 minutes.

You can have a free online 30-minute introductory session or a 50-minute in-person one for £10, with no obligation. Your £10 is deducted from the fee for your second session, if you choose to continue counselling with me.

I work in these locations:

The Bay Therapy Centre, 21 Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford, NG2 5BB


The Humber Therapy Centre, 132a Queens Rd East, Beeston, NG9 2FD


Sage Therapy Centre, 635 Western Boulevard. NG8 5GS

BACP registered member number