£10 intros – Taking the worry out of counselling

The summer is coming to an end and for many people everyday life begins to return to a familiar rhythm. That’s great if the rhythm feels good, but if you feel off-beat it can be disconcerting.

Perhaps this is why more people look into starting counselling around this time of year. But this can bring new concerns, which is a little ironic isn’t it? To get the help you want, you need to make decisions and talking to someone new about sensitive things can feel risky so it can feel like it’s adding to the pressure or worries you already have.

For those who feel daunted to make a phone call to see if a counsellor is right for them, there is another option. For the month of September 2022 I have set aside some introductory sessions for only £10 on Monday afternoons at the Humber Therapy Centre in Beeston. You can request a 3.15 or 4.15 time simply by emailing using the contact page. I’ll reply quickly and let you know which £10 slot is available. After the session there’s no obligation to book another if you don’t want to.

Now you have less to lose, why not make that booking?

Cancellations can be made for no charge if 48 hours notice is given. See FAQs for more information on this.